Steve Seldowitz
President - Photo File, LLC

Steve graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and spent several years in the aerospace industry. He left Engineering to pursue a career in Technical Sales; his career path eventually led to Property & Casualty Insurance Sales in a niche market.

With a technical and analytical background, Steve brings a well-rounded perspective to his role as Co-Founder and President of Photo File, LLC. The business venture of creating and developing Photo File, LLC made logical sense to him. Photo File focus’s on a part of insurance that no one else emphasizes...the claim; clients pay premiums for a policy they expect will be there when they need it the most.

Photo File puts you in a position to better your chances of being made whole in the event of a loss. When dealing with the number and types of items that people might lose in a property loss, being detail oriented in our approach is a definite plus.

Over the years, Photo File’s business markets have expanded to include taking detailed photographs for automotive businesses, synagogues and churches, and custom home builders.

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